Construction Management is more than just collecting time sheets and ordering materials.

Simply put we manage risk. We understand that risk can be both a threat or an opportunity. To address risk we plan for:

  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Man power and lodging
  • Scope clarification
  • Safety systems and protocols
  • Construction methods
  • We work with the home office staff and the field supervision to bring together the team needed to build the project. This leadership demands results through common goals, building the site and completing the project.

With Arrowsmith, you will see a positive difference. We drive people to get results but we do so in a safe and respectful manner. Our success comes from being able to function in the heat of the moment. We are construction professionals with a varied background that allows us the opportunity to seek out the big picture and deliver on the required metrics.

When we have completed a task or a phase it is “done, done”. There is no repeated inspection and no repeated discussions of quality, schedule or budget. Because our planning processes are proven and our team understands the value of “doing it right the first time” we are able to move through a project scope without issue.

We can be brought into an existing project team that is failing and with review, process improvement and sometimes staff changes we are able to identify and correct the issues in short order. Allowing the project to come back in line with expectations of the ownership team and project stakeholders.